Parent FAQ’s

Role and Activities

 The role of the Parents Association is to promote and contribute to the educational and general welfare of students in the college. We act as an advisory body and we foster social and recreational activities among parents and students. We meet monthly between September and May, our AGM takes place in October and we encourage as many parents as possible to become involved in the life of the school community.

Our contact email is


Clonkeen College Parents Association run and/or assist at the following events/activities throughout the school year:

Welcome evening for 1st year parents                                             23rd October

Debs Ball (run by the Social Committee)                                        October
Parents Association Annual General Meeting                                 4th   October
CAO Information evening                                                                October/ November
Fund raising events                                                                         Throughout the year
Liaison with Students Council and Social Committee                     Throughout the year

Sports Day Barbecue                                                                       May
Uniform Swap Shop                                                                         June


The PA also provides funding for certain facilities and activities in the college. Recent examples include the provision of picnic benches in the school grounds, tea/coffee flasks for the Social Committee, the purchase of recycling bins for the Green School initiative, the 6th Year common room and a Christmas Event for the whole school community.


Parent FAQ’s


 What is the school uniform & where can I get it? 

  • Junior Cycle: 1st– 3rdyear:
    • Grey trousers, grey shirt, grey crested school jumper, school tie, black shoes, crested school coat.
  • Transition Year (TY):
    • Grey trousers, white crested polo shirt, black zipped school sweatshirt, black shoes, crested school coat.
  • Senior Cycle: 5th– 6th year: 
    • Black trousers, white shirt, black crested school jumper, school tie, black shoes, crested school coat.

Students wear their own gear for Sport and PE classes.

The uniform can be purchased at:
The Schoolwear House
Unit 3
Ballyogan Business Park
Ballyogan Road
Dublin 18
Tel: 2921540

In addition, the Parents Association run a uniform swap shop in June.


What is Registration Day and why is it important to attend?

Registration Day is a day in May or August when each student of the school, including incoming students, must be registered as a Clonkeen College student in the school hall by their parents/guardians. If you do not register your son in person, your son will not be able to attend Clonkeen College even if you have received an offer of a place in the post.

How many classes are there in each day and what are their times?

Class commences at 08.50 each day. There are nine classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week, with an earlier finishing time on Wednesday (half-day: 6 classes) and Friday (8 classes).

08:50 – 09:00: SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education) Attendance is compulsory.

(1)  09:00 – 09:40
(2)  09:40 – 10:20
(3)  10:20 – 11:00

(Small) Break:  11:00 – 11:15  Students may not leave school grounds at this time.

(4)  11:15 – 11:55
(5)  11:55 – 12:35
(6)  12:35 – 13:15

Lunch Break:      13:15 – 13:55  Students may leave school grounds at this time.

(7)   13:55 – 14:35
(8)   14:35 – 15:15
(9)   15:15 – 15:55

Classes end at 15:55 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Classes end at 13:15 on Wednesday

Classes end at 15:15 on Friday.


Does the school offer study facilities?

The school offers optional supervised study sessions on the school premises each evening throughout the school term. This service is provided by some of the teachers of the college and there is a fee per term, depending on the study option chosen. Registration forms are given to your son at the beginning of each term and places are filled on a first come-first served basis. Priority is given to the exam years, i.e., 6th and 3rd year students. Remaining places are offered to 5th and 2nd year students.

How often do I receive school reports, phone calls, letters and text messages from the school?

The school sends out school reports twice a year Christmas and summer. Letters, phone calls and text messages are sent as required. It is very important that the school has the most up to date address and contact phone numbers (including mobile phone numbers). Parents/guardians should always notify the office of any changes to these.

What happens if he arrives late for school?

If your son is late into school in the morning or after lunch, he must sign in at reception before going to his class.

What is the procedure when my son is sick?

There is no need to phone the school if your son is absent due to illness. On his return, you the parent or guardian must fill out the yellow ‘explanation for absence’ form at the back of your son’s journal.

What if my child mislays his school jacket, jumper etc, in school, what do we do to try to retrieve it?

The school has a lost property section, ask your son to contact the caretaking staff. However, it is very important that all items of school uniform, textbooks and personal property are clearly marked with your son’s name and year.

If I have a concern about my son and would like to talk to someone at the school, to whom should I speak? To whom should my son speak if he has an issue?

The Pastoral Care System at Clonkeen College encourages you or your son to contact any of the following who will have a specific interest in your son’s welfare:

Each class has a Tutor, and each year has a Year Head. These should be your first contacts if you have any concerns.

Also available:   Principal, Deputy Principal and Guidance Counsellor.

The school office can be contacted at 01 2892709 and they will get the relevant staff member to contact you. On occasion, staff may also intervene to address areas of concern the school may have with your son.

What sports and other extra-curricular activities are available in Clonkeen College?

Gaelic football, hurling, soccer, golf, athletics, basketball and tennis (in Meadowvale) are all available in Clonkeen College at present. Further activities include debating, chess, Gaisce (the President’s Award, part of the TY programme), choir, the Anthology Project, school tours (Manchester and Conemara), Young Scientist, Green School Initiative and The Third World Support Group. There is a Student’s Council run by senior cycle students.

If your son wishes to join any of these activities he should contact Mr Jim Lynch for further information.

 Do students have a locker?

With the exception of TY, all students have access to a school locker which is rented from the school on an annual basis. The lock is provided to each student at the beginning of 1st year. If your son loses his lock a replacement may be purchased from the office for the cost of €10. Emer McGill is the contact person for any further information.

Is there a cafeteria or lunch area for students?

At present, there is a meal deal lunch available to students on a trial basis (see Home page of website). Students are permitted to leave the school grounds during the lunch break and some students return home at this time. Picnic benches have been provided on the college grounds for students who bring a packed lunch to school. In bad weather students may remain in their classrooms.

Are there facilities in Clonkeen for him to park his bike safely and securely?

Facilities exist to park bikes in the bike parking area inside the school gates which are usually closed and locked during school hours. However, it is not permitted to cycle on school grounds. Each student should ensure his bike is secured with his own lock in the space provided. The school is not responsible for the security of bikes. The use of the bicycle parking area in the school is at your own risk, and Clonkeen College is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. It is strongly advised that parents ensure their son wears a safety helmet and has lights on his bike.