Literacy Report 2015

The staff and students received literacy questionnaires last term. The students’ questionnaire was in relation to reading.

The results from the students’ questionnaires found that voluntarily reading for pleasure was not high on their agenda. One of the targets for 2014/15 is to establish a ‘Reading for Pleasure’ initiative.

There will be book packs made available to the students. These will contain a book, a reading log (which students will have to sign and date) and a section for students to complete a brief review.

There will be 90 books to choose from which have been selected, approved and complied by the buyers of Dubray books. This selection should cater for all preferences by providing a wide variety of genres.

This is a whole school initiative so in order to support the ‘Reading for Pleasure’ initiative it is hoped that Clonkeen will allocate 10 minutes of reading time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.50am. This would provide a positive reading environment for the students whilst managing to reach the desired target of an increase of 30%. A long term literacy target for Clonkeen is to provide a school library.

Another Literacy target for 2014/15 was to provide subject specific literacy rich environments. This target has been achieved by all staff members in that the base classrooms are visually rich teaching and learning environments.