19 March, 2020 – Statement from State Examinations Commission

Please see the link below to access the press release on orals and practical work for examination classes.

Message from Principal, Covid-19.

13th March 2020.

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Clonkeen College was founded by the Christian Brothers in 1967. It caters for 575 pupils and has a staff of 40 teachers. The college is a non fee-paying Boys’ Secondary School with extensive modern facilities.

Aims and Philosophy
Clonkeen College seeks:
to promote Christian Values in the pupils’ life and work;
to develop the varied talents of each individual;
to promote academic excellence;
to provide a disciplined atmosphere in which learning may prosper;
to provide a healthy social environment;
to guide and counsel each student in his preparation for a career and role in life;
to retain the positive aspects of a traditional Christian Brothers’ education.