Clonkeen Literacy Report 2016

A downloadable PDF of this report is available here.
Clonkeen’s ‘Reading for Pleasure’ initiative was established during the last academic school year to foster a love and appreciation of reading among the first year students. The aim of this programme was to allocate a set amount of time to reading during the school week. This involved a collaborative whole school approach. The initial target of the programme was to increase the frequency with which the students chose to read. The programme also helped establish who the avid readers were and how best to accommodate them within the school day. This knowledge informed the setting of the literacy targets for the academic year of 2016.
One of the targets has been to form a reading club to facilitate interested readers in first and second year. This reading club is held every Monday in room eight and is fully supervised by Ms.Healy and Ms.O’Rourke. Mr.Lynch also kindly offered his support when necessary. The books available to the students are the books that were sourced and purchased last year. Clonkeen will be adding to the current stock thanks to generous donations from students’ families and the wider community. A special thank you to Ms.Aideen Cossan for her time in relation to the organisation of the donated books.
Another target for this year is to create a book club which involves the parents and teaching staff of Clonkeen College. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday the 13th of January. Please contact the school reception for further details. The working group will meet once a month.
A final literacy target for this academic year is to create a display of generic exam terminology on the literacy notice board to be completed prior to the official mock exams. This should act as a support for students sitting the state exams.
The long term literacy target and wish for the future is to create a permanent library space within the new build. A library plays an integral role within a school by providing a tranquil positive environment conducive to research, study, reading, paired study and group work.

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